Do you love Pepa, too?!

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Kennt ihr auch Pepa, das süße Hündchen von der spanischen Bloggerin Alexandra?

Ich wollte schon lange mal ein Interview mit ihr ( LovelyPepa ) machen und jetzt hats endlich geklappt.
Ihr Blog ist auch einer meiner Lieblinge und ich freue mich immer wieder auf neue Posts von ihr.
Ihr Hündchen Pepa ist für mich auch jedesmal ein Eyecatcher auf ihren Outfitbildern.
Naja, bin ja kein Fan großer Reden....hier das Interview.

Do you know cute dog Pepa of the spanish blogger Alexandra?
I wanted to make an interview with her for a long time and finally here it is.
Her blog is one of my favorites, too and i`m always so excited about new posts from her.
Here you see the interview. Enjoy;)

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1. I love your blog....your outfits are always so inspiring. Since when do you love fashion and why did you start blogging?
Alexandra: I love fashion since i was a child..., i always wanted to choose clothes...
I started blogging, because i love the blogger world. I saw many fashion blogs and I loved seeing the photos, looks ...everything. so i decided to create mine.

2. What are your "Must-haves" for this fall and winter?
Alexandra: I think wil be: capes, fur and transparencies.

3. How old is Pepa? She`s is too cute!
Alexandra: She´s one year and four months old :)

4. Where in Spain do you live?
( I will live in Spain next year, i`m interested!)
Alexandra: I live in Galicia, in the north of Spain... is a magical place, Everything is green, we have beautiful beaches, a mild climate, incredible mountains ... it is a paradise.

5. What are you studying? And do you work somewhere?
Alexandra: I´m stuying law and economics. I've been working all summer as an intern at a bank. It was a great experience, I learned a lot.

6. What are your favorite movies and songs?
Alexandra: I´m going to say 3

The Color Purple
A little princess
Under the Tuscan sun

Ain´t no mountain Hihg enough- Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrel
Again - Lenny Kravitz
El equilibrio es imposible- Los piratas

7. What are your hobbies beside fashion?
Alexandra: I love music, singing, reading books, hug Pepa, and sleep!!

8. How old are you?
Alexandra: I´m 22.

9. Who takes the pictures of you and which camera do you have?
Alexandra: My boyfriend takes the pictures, he´s an absolut artist! i love him so much... we use a Nikon d 60

10. How often do you take pictures of your outfits?
Alexandra: We always take pictures on weekends :)

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fashion lunatic. hat gesagt…

Das ist eine französichese Bulldogge. so einen hatten wir auch. der hieß atoss.
leider ist er vor 1 1/2 jahren verstorben. er war erst 4 jahre alt. :(
diese hunde sind so toll. sie bringen einen ständig zum laucehn, aber auch auf die palme. haha

Anonym hat gesagt…

Hi Cristina! Nice to meet you! I´m Marta, another spanish blogger and I really love Alexandra´s blog, she´s very cute and nice. I have discovered your blog from her post so I´m folowwing you now.


Marta Style in Vintage City hat gesagt…

Hi Christina, love your interview too :)
I'll follow your blog.. nice to meet you!!!