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Vor einigen Monaten bin ich auf den Instagram Account von Mey gestoßen und seitdem bin ich ein großer Fan von ihrem Kleidungsstil. Ihre Outfits begeistern mich jedes Mal aufs Neue und werden nie langweilig, sondern sind jedes Mal ein neues kleines Highlight.
Das ist auch der Grund warum ich sie um ein kleines Interview gebeten habe und sie euch somit gerne vorstellen möchte.

Hier könnt ihr Mey folgen:

1. Please introduce yourself. Who are you and where are you from?
I'm Mey age 21 and I'm a Turkish Londoner.

2. What are you studying and where?
I study something that has nothing to do with fashion-it's a degree called community development leadership and management skills. Yes very complicated degree for sure!  

3. Is it true that you never wear an outfit twice, if yes, why?

Hmm repeating outfits, now when I say I don't repeat outfits i mean my going out outfits, I think iv become this fussy person that once iv worn something I won't wear it again. Not a good habit to have but I that is the truth. However for my day to day outfits I will repeat them but wearing them in different ways so maybe wear different shoes, jacket vice versa. So after all I'm not that bad! 

4. Are there any pieces in your closet you would never sell? 
 Hmm.... I always said I would never sell my clothes but now iv come to realise that there are things that I haven't touched for 2 years and yet it sits in my wardrobe, my new rule is get rid of it and buy new stuff. So it sort of becomes my spending money rather than touching my salary. 

5. What are your favourite pieces of clothes right now and why?
 Oh there's so many! I'm loving turtle neck jumpers, long sleeveless waistcoats and my leathers. I just love classic clothing that can be worn soo many times to create different looks! 

6. What are your must-haves for this winter season? 
Furs, high thigh heeled boots, and long jumper dresses, capes/ponchos OBSESSED! 

7. Do you wear heels all the time?
 Aha hmm I do have days like today where I am wearing my gym trainers, cannot always be glam! But I would say 90% of the time I am always in heels! 

8. Where do you get your inspiration from? Who is your style icon?

I will be honest my style icon was the kardashians however, although I still get inspired by them I'm also finding myself still, and what I like and don't like. I am completely obsessed with Olivia Palmero however the things she wear does not look as good as it looks on her than me. Purely because of our size differences. However I do try and get some ideas and put mix my own creations with it.  

I always believe in this saying, don't follow fashion, let fashion follow you! 

Thanks a lot for this interview!

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Carolin Se hat gesagt…

Sehr interessant!
Fand es super spannend zu lesen <3

Liebe Grüße

Esther Esthella hat gesagt…

Wow :) echt liebe auf dem ersten Blick. Bin gerade sehr begeistert. Was für tolle Outfits sehr interessant :)

Esther Esthella hat gesagt…

Wow :) echt liebe auf dem ersten Blick. Bin gerade sehr begeistert. Was für tolle Outfits sehr interessant :)