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"Grab my butt!" Squeeze it! Squeeze it hard!" Within minutes of my arrival at The Biggest Loser ranch in Calabasas, California, to interview the show's feisty new trainer--former tennis pro Anna Kournikova--she's encouraging me to paw her world-famous behind. Before I can react, she grabs my hand, plants it on her bum, and begins dipping down in a series of squats.
"See how tight my glutes are?" she asks. Yep--they're as taut as a volleyball. The point of this hard-body show-and-tell (she's also lifted her shirt to reveal an ultra-defined abdomen): to prove her methods pay off. She says that certain exercises--squats and midriff twists, for example--have added curves to what she admits is her naturally boyish shape. "Anyone can change their body," she insists, in a voice tinged with a Russian accent (she moved with her mother to the United States when she was 10). "But you have to work for it."
That's what she's been preaching to the latest round of overweight men and women as the newest female trainer on The Biggest Loser, now in its twelfth season. Anna and the contestants are ensconced at the ranch in the midst of a 15-week journey that will help some of them shed more than 100 pounds. By all accounts, Anna--who left pro tennis in 2003--has seamlessly slipped into the role vacated by fitness star Jillian Michaels.
Big Sneakers to Fill
Some have criticized the decision to replace Jillian with an athlete (Anna, for the record, is a certified personal trainer). Also, unlike her predecessor, Anna has never struggled with her weight. Still, she says she feels she can relate to the scrunity overweight people endure. "I've been judged my whole life. People always expected amazing things from me," says Anna, who claimed a top-10 ranking in 2000 and victories over elite players such as Martina Hingis and Jennifer Capriati. "They raise you up, then bring you down, and it's not easy to deal with. Judgment is judgment, whether you're obese, or too skinny, or not athletic enough."
When she put down her racket eight years ago after a series of injuries, Anna, then 21, wasn't content to rest on the pile of endorsement money that came from being the tennis world's sexiest star.

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awesome thanks for sharing!!!!!

TanyaKara hat gesagt…

awesome thanks for sharing!!!!!

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